DCCR Annual Public Meeting 2021 Agenda


JANUARY 23, 2020


JoAnn Kalenak, President
Bob Kalenak, Treasurer
Alan Wells, Secretary

Call meeting to order
Approve agenda

3:30 pm
Annual board member elections

3:45 pm
Treasurer’s Report
    2020 Fundraising Campaign

4:15 pm
Colorado Secretary of State records review:
Articles of Incorporation
Periodic Report
Nonprofit Business Certificate
Charitable Status Certificate
Letter of Determination

4:30 pm
Website and technology

5:00 pm
 review and renewed approval

5:15 pm
What did we accomplish in 2020?
1) Successful Fundraiser

2) Land Use Code legal challenge

3) Obtained official 501c3 status

What do we want to accomplish in 2021?

1) Newsletter development
2) Commissioner live-streaming
3) Sunshine Week participation
     Debut the newsletter
     Promote CFOIC donations
     Transparency/Events Calendar
OML brochure distribution to local civics classrooms

4) Podcasting/Video content production
5) Professional Organization Memberships
6) Legislative Initiative

6:30 pm
Business with the county:
1) Status Independent Ethic Commission complaint 19-25