Citizen Report’s Board of Directors

JoAnn is DCCR’s senior blogger, reporting on county commissioner meetings and providing commentary on transparency and public policy issues.

She’s a 40-year publishing professional in graphic design, marketing and writing. She recently retired from High Country News after 18 years with the organization.

JoAnn splits her time watchdogging county government and consulting with nonprofit media organizations on direct mail and other marketing strategies.


Bob is a CU graduate with a degree in mechanical engineering. He retired in 2017 after 13 years as the Delta County Engineer and has contributed his inside knowledge of government operations and dynamics to DCCR’s reporting.

Bob is passionate about ethics in government and sees his work with DCCR as a way to “keep ’em honest.”


Alan is a news junkie and CU graduate in Information Systems and Technology. He troubleshoots and researches the organization’s technical needs, and keeps fellow board members up to speed on current global events and the latest cocktail concoctions.

Alan is currently employed at High Country News as their IT and Database Manager.