What do you want to tell us? We’re listening.

At DCCR, we understand the public’s desire to be heard is often tempered with the fear of retribution. Whether you’re a government employee or a member of the general public, you need the freedom to speak out against corruption, wrongdoing, or just plain bad policy on the part of Delta County government without fear of being fired, harassed or otherwise threatened.

Here are a few ways to confidentially “tip” DCCR bloggers about your issues and concerns.

Unfortunately, DCCR must limit its beat strictly to Delta County government. If your issue has any tie to county government, we’re interested in hearing about it.

DCCR is protected by the reporter’s Shield Law that protects journalists — and bloggers like us — against the compelled disclosure of confidential information, including the identities of our sources, or the forced surrender of unpublished written material collected during news gathering, such as notes.

  1. Online tip form

While no digital communication is 100 percent secure, your tips are confidential and we will do everything in our power to protect your identity. If you are a government employee, do not include your government email or complete the online form on a government device, or on a private devise that you use in the performance of your government job.

If you wish to report corruption, government inaction, bad policy on the part of Delta County Commissioners, Administration, or other leadership official in Delta County government, complete the form below. We’re listening.

  1. Land line

Call us at 970-527-7519 from another land line.

  1. U.S. Postal Service

Send us physical documents or digital files on a USB in an envelope with no return address (if you wish to remain anonymous).

Our address is P.O. Box 1321, Paonia, CO, 81428.