Planning Commission asks County Commissioners to follow bylaws, policies

At an Aug. 16 planning meeting, Delta County Planning Commissioners voted unanimously to send a proposed resolution to County Commissioners, the passage of which would help bolster the advisory group’s bylaws and processes.

The proposed resolution states: “RESOLVED: The Delta County Planning Commission respectfully requests that the Delta County Board of County Commissioners follow the procedures and processes set forth in the Planning Commission Bylaws, the Subdivision Regulations and the Specific Development Regulations when seeking amendment of those Bylaws and Regulations in order to permit the Planning Commission to properly discharge its duties and responsibilities. The Planning Commission also requests an opportunity to discuss the foregoing with the Board of County Commissioners at a time of mutual convenience.”

The resolution is, in part, a response to the County Commissioner’s earlier appointment of two additional Planning Commission board members without prior consultation with the membership and before bylaws could be addressed to accommodate a total of nine members and a change in area representation that would eventually eliminate “at large” board positions and create three positions per district.