Master Plan Kick Off

RPI Consulting met with the Delta County Planning Commissioners on May 2 to discuss the PC’s role in the strategy, development and eventual adoption of the updated Master Plan project. They also discussed preparations for upcoming public meetings, the first planned for May 15, 6-8pm, at Paonia Town Hall.

The public process has already begun with the identification of a group of residents believed to be “representative” of the county and who will be interviewed, one-on-one, by RPI staff. Citizen Report has requested that the names of the selected individuals be released in the interest of transparency, but has been denied without reason.

While the influence that this select group (between 75 and 22 according to varying reports) will have on the entire process is undefined, Citizen Report will continue to push for the list’s immediate release.

Interested residents should plan to attend at least one of the vision meetings. Sign up at

NOTE: Two new members of the Delta County Planning Commission were appointed on May 2 and will “cut their teeth” on the Master Plan project. Steve Schrock, former Delta City Manager, will represent District 1 (City of Delta and surrounding area), and Lane Brauneis, current Surface Creek Area Planning Committee member, will represent District 2 (Orchard City/Cedaredge and surrounding area).