Broadband Blueprint Update

As construction wraps up in the cities of Delta and Montrose and as detailed engineering activities are completed in the Phase 2 communities in Gunnison, Delta and Ouray counties, the concept of a regional broadband network connecting community anchor institutions to a robust fiber optic broadband network is moving off the pages of concept and planning to physical deployment of infrastructure at a rapid pace. With the recent issuance and award of a Request for Proposal for network equipment core routing and access, electronics are being tested and installed at the Delta and Montrose Carrier Neutral Locations and anchor institutions in those communities.  Partner agreements continue to be negotiated and executed and excitement is building in the region as we get closer to lighting up the network.

DMEA and Region 10 recently executed their Indefeasible Rights of Use agreements, a key component in the delivery of middle mile broadband throughout the region. Conversations continue with other regional partners to acquire assets that deliver diversity and redundancy to the network.