DCCR Annual Public Meeting 2022

ATTEND VIRTUALLY —  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81997989243?pwd=eEVua3MraUNkQUZlUW81dVlBZStBZz09
Saturday, JANUARY 22, 2022
Paonia Public Library Community Room
Board Member Attendees:
JoAnn Kalenak, President
Bob Kalenak, Treasurer
Alan Wells, Secretary
Call meeting to order
Approve agenda
3:05 pm
Annual board member elections
3:15 pm
Treasurer’s Report
2021 Fundraising Campaign
El Pomar Grant
3:45 pm
Colorado Secretary of State records review:
Articles of Incorporation
Periodic Report
Nonprofit Business Certificate
Charitable Status Certificate
Letter of Determination
4:00 pm
Facebook Group vs. Page Strategy
Website and technology
Software renewals
5:00 pm
Bylaws review and renewed approval — Consider resolution to change number of board members for three to five
5:30 pm
What did we accomplish in 2021?
1) Moderate fundraising
2) IEC split decision
3) Coverage expansion
School board agenda ruling
Delta Hospital executive session ruling
4) TechSoup Subscription approval
5) Newsletter launched
6) NFOIC Grant acquired – restricted
What do we want to accomplish in 2022?
1) Sunshine Week participation
2) Podcasting/Video content production
3) Legislative Initiative
4) Logo redesign discussion
a. Tagline revision
i. CURRENT: A blog bringing transparency to Delta County, Colorado government
ii. Promoting community engagement in local government
iii. Transformative change through an informed public
iv. Standing up to power
v. Speaking up for transformational change
vi. Tiny voices for change
vii. Amplifying community voices for transformational change
viii. Amplifying community voices in local government
ix. Local government out loud
x. Stand up. Speak out. Take action.
xi. Change happens when small voices come together.
xii. The ripple effect of small voices is how change happens.
New business —
Municipal participation discussion — Do we start covering town/city government?
7:00 pm