HIGHLIGHTS, Coffee With A Commish community meeting

AT THIS MORNING’S COFFEE WITH A COMMISH, several locals talked with District 3 County Commissioner Wendell Koontz in an informative and pleasant exchange of issues, interests and ideology.


About half of the participating residents brought concerns about specific roads including the rough condition of H75 Road to Orchard Mesa Boat Ramp. Commissioner Koontz vowed to look into each of the issues.


DCCR asked Commissioner Koontz for details about negotiations on North Fork Airport operations. The county has had several executive sessions with County Attorney John Baier on the subject and DCCR has recently learned that a short-term contract has been negotiated with the current — and longtime — Fixed Base Operator (FBO). Commissioner Koontz was not free to discuss details since “we’re still in negotiations” but did say that the county was working with the Town of Paonia on a new airport operations plan. The Town of Paonia owns 75% of the airport and is responsible for capital improvements. The county owns the remaining 25% and is responsible for all maintenance.


The use of graywater systems in Delta County was also a major topic of discussion when a local resident brought up the issue that the county does not allow their use. Commissioner Koontz came prepared with a memo from the county’s Environmental Health Director Greg Rajnowski stating that graywater use is a priority topic for his department. Commissioner Koontz further explained that the issue would need to go to the Board of Health, which is comprised of all three County Commissioners and two health professionals, and then to the Planning Commission before going in front of the County Commissioners for any proposed changes to the county’s current regulation. Rajnowski would be involved throughout the process. Currently, the county does not allow graywater systems, which is a stricter regulation than mandated by the state’s allowed graywater system use. READ THE STATE’S REGULATION 86

What is graywater? Graywater is a part of the water used in a residential, commercial, or industrial building that may be collected after the first use and put to a second beneficial use. Regulation 86 outlines requirements, prohibitions, and standards for graywater use for non-drinking purposes. Graywater sources may include water discharged from:
Bathroom and laundry-room sinks:
Laundry machines.
Graywater may not include water discharged from:
Kitchen sinks.
Non-laundry utility sinks.