Delta County continues to twist the Right-to-Farm law. Ironically, that very statute actually protects us against their illegal agenda — in particular, their expanded language in Draft 3 of the proposed land-use code.
After many community comments about this violation of state statute went without resolve, DCCR talked to an attorney:

FROM THE LETTER — The proposed language in the Draft Code expands the protections already provided the Right to Farm statutes by including future agricultural operations. This expansion was not contemplated by these statutes. The Right to Farm law was never designed to protect future agricultural operations.

…The expansion of the Right to Farm statutes are in complete opposition of this policy in that the rights of a future farmer is considered over potential, unknown impacts that the private landowner will not be able to dispute, and will have no recourse. DCCR requests that this provision be removed, and is prepared to act if it is not.