HIGHLIGHTS, March 19, 2019, County Commissioner meeting

  • Via resolution, Commissioners declared Delta County a Second Amendment Preservation County in response to a bill still in state legislature that would allow a judge to order the removal of firearms from a mentally unstable person as identified by family or law enforcement — the so called “Red Flag” bill.
“Supporting our Sheriff is the number one reason we’re considering this action,” said Commissioner Roeber.
Sheriff Mark Taylor, who called himself a “constitutional sheriff,” wrote in an earlier letter to the public and Commissioners stating his department’s position on the bill, “… my initial reaction was (that) HB19-1177 was drafted with good intentions and could possibly help law enforcement save lives by removing firearms from people who pose an immediate threat to our community. … However, after further research, I believe this bill is over reaching without any checks and balances that would keep if from being abused by both citizens and potentially law enforcement. My second thought was this is just another way for the anti-gun movement to gain another toe-hold on dismantling our Second Amendment rights.”
The resolution does not make Delta County a “sanctuary” county as originally proposed. “… that would open the taxpayers to risk of litigation,” said Commissioner Suppes. Rather, the resolution affirms the County’s commitment to upholding the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.
• Gunnison Energy’s Salar Nabavian and Jessica Donahue updated Commissioners on the company’s North Fork Mancos Master Development Plan (NFMMDP) of 35 horizontal wells from four new well pads and one existing well pad, all about 12 miles north of Paonia. “The Piceance Basin is a world class reservoir (for oil and gas development),” says Nabavian. “We are currently doing seismic testing (in the area) to be efficient with little ground disturbance as possible.”
The amount of water needed — and its transport — are among the biggest concerns expressed by locals. In response, Nabavian told Commissioners that they had negotiated an agreement with Oxbow to utilize that company’s water rights in Somerset. “This will cut (water) trucking to only ten percent,” said Nabavian. “We are trying to minimize the truck traffic … and sand will come by train from Fruita,” added Donahue.
The company plans of develop 35 deep wells over the next five years. “We want longer wells rather than more wells,” says Donahur.
• Commissioners awarded $2,500 to the North Fork Creative Coalition for gateway signage planned for the two entrances to Paonia. They matched funds committed by the Town of Paonia.