DCCR Annual Public Meeting agenda, Jan. 25, 2019

Paonia Public Library, Paonia, CO

JoAnn Kalenak, President
Bob Kalenak, Treasurer
Alan Wells, Secretary

3:00 pm
Call meeting to order
Approve agenda

3:05 pm
Annual board member elections

Treasurer’s Report
Paypal account update

3:30 pm
Colorado Secretary of State postings:
1) Mailing address changes to Articles of Incorporation
2) Discuss possible changes in “provisions regarding the distribution of assets on dissolution.” Correct language in Articles of Incorporation reads: “Purpose clause: A website-based non-profit information center about the interworking of local government in Delta County, Colorado. Posts include, but are not limited too: Reports on County Commissioner meetings, county projects, county development plans, and county policies. The goal of this organization is to help ensure that county government is properly serving all Delta County residents in accordance with county, state and federal law. The vision of this organization is a transparent, responsive and engaged county government. In the event of dissolution, the nonprofit’s assets will be distributed to another nonprofit news organization. Distribution of assets clause: In the event that this nonprofit dissolves, all assets will be distributed to another nonprofit news organization.”
3) Letter of Determination update

4:00 pm
Bylaws review and renewed approval

4:15 pm
What do we want to accomplish in 2019?
1) TABOR education plan
2) Newsletter development plan
3) Advisory board discussion
4) Tip form implementation

Business with the county:
1) County personnel policy vs. public interest (Casselberry complaint)



DCCR Bylaws
Articles of Incorporation
2017 Financial Report
Charitable Organization Certificate
Nonprofit Business Certificate