HIGHLIGHTS, Nov. 14, 2018, County Commissioner Special Meeting

• Commissioners agreed to allow county planning staff to process a 2D seismic mapping project application, submitted by Gunnison Energy, administratively rather than through the county’s full specific development process. Elyse Casselberry, County Community and Economic Development Director, told Commissioners that “this is a temporary use application” and, therefore, need not go through the full review process.
Among the approximately 35 attendees — most opposed to the project — was former Hotchkiss Mayor Wendal Koontz who provided constituent comment. Koontz stated, “We need to know if the Mancos is going to be a (gas) resource and how to address it.” Commissioner Roeber agreed with Mr. Koontz and added that this seismic project would be a “low impact” way to find gas reserves.
Gunnison Energy’s Geosciences Director, Barrett Laverne, told constituents and Commissioners, “Gunnison Energy is going to be drilling in this area with or without seismic (mapping).”
The project covers 28,000 acres in Delta and Gunnison Counties on Forest Service and private land.