HIGHLIGHTS, Feb. 5, Delta County Commissioner meeting


  • Members of the Gunnison Public Lands Initiative (GPLI, pictured), including Gunnison Commissioner Jonathan Houck, met with Commissioners Mark Roeber and Don Suppes to discuss the group’s plan to develop a community initiated bill in Congress that, if passed, would designate key public lands in Gunnison County be protected as wilderness or special management areas. GPLI has already met with Senators Bennet and Gardner to solicit support for the bill. Both Senators stressed the need for the group to involve as many neighbors and community members as possible, and gain their support for the plan. GPLI has visited with several other town and county governing bodies, recreation and conservation groups to inform and explain the benefits of their plan. “We’ve got to stop fighting among ourselves and find ways to make “ag” and recreation work together to develop public lands that work for everyone,” says Mr. Houck.
    Read about the initiative.
  • Andrew Gudmundson with Citizens for a Healthy Community (CHC) talked with Commissioners about the organization’s updated economic study that suggests negative impacts resulting from oil and gas development being considered in the Mancos Master Plan. Gudmundson explained that their second official release of the study includes many updates using information received from extensive conversations with Debbie Griffith, the County Assessor.
    Read the organization’s report.
  • Commissioners officially passed a motion to apply for almost $7 million in grant funds from the Federal Aviation Administration to replace the airstrip at Blake Field.
  • Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt Ordinance No.2018-01 limiting the cultivation, growth, or production of marijuana plants to residential property and to limiting the number of marijuana plants to 12 per residential property.
    Read Ordinance No.2018-01 (residential growing limits)
    Read Ordinance No.2013-01 (outlaws commercial growing)
  • Elyse Casselberry, Delta County Community and Economic Development Director, told Commissioners about a plan for a feasibility study that would investigate the market for a fruit processing facility in the area. Individual frozen fruit and juices would be two of the products made at the plant. Delta Conservation District is working with Delta and Montrose County to manage the study and hopes to complete the study as early as May 2018. The $15,000 cost will be shared equally between the two counties.