JOANN KALENAK, DCCR BLOGGER — In a story published on the front page of last week’s Delta County Independent, Delta Memorial Hospital Special District Board Member Matt Soper falsely claimed that the hospital might be facing bankruptcy. He also falsely claimed that surgical supplies and staff pay are in jeopardy. The story and Soper’s false claims came days before a special election tomorrow that includes an initiative asking Delta County voters to approve a sales tax increase that would help fund the hospital.

In a press released by Delta Health, officials responded on the day the article appeared in print quickly attempting to do damage control and assure the community that Soper’s claims were “overstated.” A statement from the hospital’s CEO, however, make the board member’s claims categorically false.

“What I want to emphasize is that bankruptcy has never been a conversation or possibility,” Delta Health CEO Matt Heyn stated in the press release.

Soper is also a member of the Colorado House of Representatives, District 54, Delta and Mesa Counties.

The Delta County Independent (DCI) has written an article that will be published in Wednesday’s paper. In this article, a Board Member overstates concern that Delta Health is facing bankruptcy. The article goes on to state that the hospital will not have enough supplies for surgeries and that the hospital will not be able to pay staff. Delta Health is working with the press to get the article corrected and to get accurate information to the communities of Delta County.

“What I want to emphasize is that bankruptcy has never been a conversation or possibility,” states Matt Heyn, Delta Health CEO. “It is important that our staff knows that their job is secure, and our patients know that we will continue to provide quality care to our communities.”

Delta Health continues to be transparent in what has been a challenging financial situation. Delta Health’s board of directors’ plan for financial viability has been to (A) obtain Sole Community Hospital (accomplished), (B) pass additional tax funds through a Sales Tax increase and if both could not be solidified, (C) look for a strategic partner.

“Our organization has been transparent in our plans for the future of Delta Health throughout this entire process,” says Heyn. “We have created multiple plans and backup plans for our organization. Those plans have never included closing the doors of our hospital.”

On Thursday, April 21, Delta Health hosted a Virtual Town Hall meeting to discuss the Sales Tax Initiative. For more information, a link to the recording can be found on the Delta Health website at, under the News section on the website, or on the Delta Health Facebook page @DeltaHealthCo.