By Terry O’Brien —
1. FINANCIALS: Th e first 30 minutes of the Board Meeting was missed, including the Financial Report which typically states no financial data in open session. A CORA Request for the Board Packet was submitted 10/18/2021 and a follow up posting of the September (9 Months/ 3 Quarters) Financials is planned.
2. SALES TAX INCREASE: In the CEO Report, CEO Matt Heyn presented working with a consulting firm to poll Delt a County residents wit h seven questions regarding submitting a .9% to 1% sales tax hike on the May’22 ballot . A CORA Request has been submitted for the 7 questions. These questions may be posted earlier by transcribing the audio and video recordings of the meeting.
The discussion was that Delta Health may have to merge or sell itself to survive long term. Delta Health’ s goal appears to be bringing in $3,000,000 from sales tax annually, for ongoing operations. It was discussed that this sales tax increase was a similar approach to the Back the Badge sales tax increase.
3. Monthly Board Meeting Video Recordings: Chief Legal Officer Julie Huffman, per a request for video recordings Terry O’Brien made at the September ’21 Board Meeting, presented a no-cost solution for 3 to 6 months of Board Meeting recordings to be made available on the Delta Health website. Without a vote taken, the Board is planning to prototype recording the November’ 21 and December ’21 meetings and then review any actual costs or staff time in doing the recordings.
4. COVID Report by CCO Jody Roeber: CCO Roeber provided metrics on COVID which appeared to indicate that COVID Cases/Patients are quite high in the Delta County and surrounding areas. However, it also appeared Delta Health Hospital (DCM H) has been able to handle the current surge to date. A CORA Request was submitted for CCO Roeber’s actual metrics as it was difficult to hear her presentation due to the proximity of the microphone.
5. Medical Chief of Staff Report : Four medical providers currently have one or more patient complaints against them. The medical providers were not named in open session.
6. Executive Session Items:
a. Update of two outstanding legal issues. This possibly refers to the three female doctors’ discrimination suit and the nurse overtime suit .
b. A possible real property discussion may have been mentioned as well.
THESE NOTES ARE preliminary (non-transcribed} taken by Terry O’Brien with video and audio recordings available.