HIGHLIGHTS, Aug. 6, 2019, County Commissioner meeting

• County Planner Kelly Yeager removed the sketch plan discussion for SUB19-025 Stahl subdivision from the commissioner agenda stating that he had received a call from the landowner asking to be “removed” from the agenda.
This subdivision application calls for a boundary adjustment between two lots in the subdivision and is the proposed location of a controversial Paonia commercial annexation and the development of a Dollar General store.
No further explanation was given by Yeager as to the applicant’s reasons for withdrawing the discussion from the agenda and it is not known how, or if, this impacts the planned construction of the proposed retail operation. (Picture taken from survey and architectural plans.)
• Certified Public Accountant Pete Blair presented commissioners with the 2018 County Audit. Blair took twenty minutes to distill an extensive report telling commissioners that General Fund revenues had grown $1 million to $11 million. Most of the increase is attributed to higher than anticipated sales tax revenue collection. The county began 2019 with 43% in reserves (five-to-six months of emergency operating funds). It is county policy to maintain 25% in reserves in the General Fund.
Blair also reported that unallocated funds grew to $4.5 million in 2018, up from $4 million in 2017. These are funds that are not earmarked or restricted and can be used in any way the county sees fit.
Watch for a detailed report from DCCR on the Audit coming soon.
• County Treasurer Lisa Tafoya presented commissioners with the 2019 Mid-year Budget Report. Ending balance for all funds and accounts at the end of June was $26,183,475.34. The total 2019 budget calls for $49,566,688 in restricted, allocated, reversed and unallocated funds.
• Commissioner Suppes presented an updated bid for the construction of a new Human Services building totaling $2,943,861.33. The project is slated for completion in early 2020.
• CDOT has shelved plans to improve, widen and pave shoulders on HWY 92 on Rogers Mesa due to a lack of funds. Commissioner Suppes, who represents the county in CDOT meetings, will ask for improvements on some of the Mesa’s intersections starting with the one at 3100 Road.