HIGHLIGHTS, July 2, 2019, County Commissioner meeting

  • Two groups of residents spoke during constituent time. The first group complained about the traffic on G Road just west of the City of Delta. Speeding, the use of jake brakes and trash being thrown on the road were among the chief concerns. Citizens asked commissioners to improve signage and increase police presence.

The second group of residents told commissioners that they were against a proposal to annex Price Road (currently a county road) by the Town of Paonia. “There’s no benefit to us, there’s no benefit to the town,” said one citizen who lives on Price Road. “We’re not being told the truth about what’s going on,” said another citizen. Several citizens questioned the role of the Town of Paonia’s administrator, Ken Knight, who also lives on Price Road believing that his involvement in the annexation process is a “conflict of interest.”

  • Commissioners approved an extension to file the county’s financial audit with the state. The deadline to file an audit or to file for an extension with the state is July 31. County Administrator Robbie LeValley told commissioners that while the audit had been submitted by its contracted auditor by the June 30 deadline, staff was not able to schedule time to present the audit to them — and to the public — before August 1. STATE AUDIT CALENDAR
  • Commissioners asked staff to draft a comment letter to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service supporting the delisting of the gray wolf. “They are havoc to ranchers,” said Commissioner Suppes. Commissioners Roeber and Lane agreed citing that the animal “has recovered and doesn’t need the extra protection.”
  • The Delta County Board of Realtors (DCBR) updated commissioners on the current state of property sales in the area. The DCBR reported that the average number of homes on the market rose .4% while prices rose 3%. Time on the market also rose 2.5% and fewer homes are being purchased but commercial purchases are up slightly. The DCBR informed commissioners about a national class-action lawsuit that has been filed in protest of the buyer broker compensation rules set forth by the National Association of Realtors. READ MORE.