HIGHLIGHTS, June 11, 2019, County Commissioner meeting

 • Commissioners denied an appeal of a prior decision filed by Citizens for a Healthy Community. Read DCCR’s follow-up story: http://citizenreport.info/2019/06/organization-files-suit-against-the-county-for-regulation-violations/
• Commissioners approved the development of Jared Graff Enterprises’ Best Rock, Sand & Gravel pit project adjacent to Confluence Park. Located in a Growth Management Area (areas bordering the City of Delta) and within a residential neighbor, Commissioners did not question the operation’s placement but stressed the applicant’s need to work closely with the City of Delta to address their conditions and concerns.
“We (the county) are not going to be affected (by this development); it’s the city that will be impacted. I encourage you (the applicant, Jared Graff) to continue to work closely with the city,” said Commissioner Chair Suppes.
While the county’s specific development regulations require several types of studies and mitigation plans, at least two important studies are not included in the application but, rather, are conditions of approval.
Among the conditions of approval is a hydrological study to investigate possible impacts to the Uncompahgre River and Confluence Lake. Graff’s representative, Ben Langenfeld asked that this study be done once the project is 1,000 feet from the river which borders the project location.
Another condition of approval is contingent on a traffic study and any mitigation measures required by the City of Delta.
(Pictured: Confluence Park view from the Uncompahgre River and the City/Graff property line.)
• An Upper Surface Creek resident told Commissioners about a meeting notice that area residents had received from an association who claimed to have been appointed by County Commissioners via a 1992 county resolution. The resident said that he was completely unaware of the association and claimed many of his neighbors were also unaware. Commissioner Suppes explained that the board had not been involved in the association for many years and that he would attend the scheduled meeting to get more information.
• Fellow Commissioners reappointed Commissioner Roeber to Bureau of Land Management Resource Advisory Council and Commissioner Suppes was appointed to Region 10 as Delta County’s representative.