HIGHLIGHTS, Sept. 17, 2018, County Commissioner meeting

HIGHLIGHTS, Sept. 17, 2018, County Commissioner meeting
• County Commissioners have replaced hard-copy meeting packets for laptops and digital files during business and work sessions. All documents are now displayed on an overhead projection device during the meeting allowing audience participants to view documents under discussion. County Administrator, Robbie LeValley, told Citizen Report, last month, that in October they hope to make available all meeting documents online at the time the agenda is posted, allow time for the community to read them and provide input.
• Lisa Niermann, president of North Fork Valley Community Rights Advocates, re-addressed commissioners on an earlier issue that she’d presented on Aug. 6. Niermann summarized her earlier complaint concerning Planning Commissioner, Steve Schrock, specifying that he’d abused his access to county email contacts after he’d sent a personal warning message to Commissioners, Planning Commissioners and other county officials. Niermann reminded commissioners that the message contained “false and potentially libelous” comments about the organization she represents.
At today’s follow-up meeting, Niermann complained that she hadn’t heard from the county in response to her complaint describing the actions they planned to take concerning Mr. Schrock. “The county’s silence appears that you condone the behavior,” said Niermann. She again asked commissioners to sanction Mr. Schrock, ask him to apologize for statements he’d made about NFVCA, and finally, she asked commissioners to call for Schrock’s resignation.
Read the original NFVCRA letter. http://citizenreport.info/2018/08/highlights-aug-6-2018-county-commissioner-meeting/
• Board members for the Delta Conservation District (DCD) thanked commissioners for $10,000 in 2018 funding for a technician position and asked for $10,000 in continued funding in 2019 to supplement matching grant funding from the Department of Agriculture. A major focus of the group is to provide services to local farmers to help them design and/or improve their irrigation systems with emphasis on water conservation. “The commissioners have talked about increasing funding to (DCD) because it’s so important.” said Commissioner Atchley, “This will be part of our budget discussions.”
Last year, commissioners opted to lower funding to Delta County Economic Development (DCED) from $25,000 to $10,000, and awarded $10,000 to DCD. Commissioner Atchley told Citizen Report during the 2018 budget process that the county wanted to spread the funds to diverse organizations.