Highlights, Sept. 4, 2018, County Commissioners Meeting

• Commissioners lifted all fire restrictions in Delta County effective immediately.

• Commissioners tentatively plan a Oct. 17 meeting with the Delta County Planning Commission to discuss possible elimination of the Area Planning Committees and/or expanding the Planning Commission to include three associate members. Associate members would not be able to vote unless they are representing an absent Planning Commission member. Elyse Casselberry, Delta County’s planning director, also recommended that commissioners transfer all authority over the Planning Commission’s bylaws to the planning members as outlined in state statue.

• Commissioners signed a letter in support of Grand Junction Airport Authority’s initiative to create a foreign free-trade zone within a 90-mile radius of the airport and a customs office at the airport. The zone would make it possible for area businesses to buy and export foreign goods more easily.

• During constituent time, Delta resident Orville Proctor urged commissioners to attend last night’s Delta City Council meeting and voice their opinion on marijuana dispensaries in the city; two Paonia residents asked commissioners to say no to more than 2,000 acres of proposed oil and gas lease sales in the upper North Fork Valley; JoAnn Kalenak, president of Delta County Citizen Report, entered a letter into the public record asking commissioners to rethink their budget presentation and policies regarding reserve funds during the upcoming 2019 budget process. Read her letter; Paonia resident Mike Drake asked commissioners to consider a process of valuation to meld the ideas coming from the Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) work group and the tenants outlined in the recently updated Master Plan.

• Commissioners congratulated colleague Mark Roeber at being voted in as President Elect to the Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI) Board of Directors. CCI is a non-profit, membership association whose purpose is to aid county commissioners and to encourage counties to work together on common issues. Governed by a board of directors consisting of eight commissioners from across the state, their focus is on information, education and legislative representation (lobbying).

• County Under Sheriff and 2018 Republican candidate for Sheriff, Mark Taylor has been selected to represent the county at the Denver Bronco game this Sunday along with 75 other statewide first (emergency) responders.