HIGHLIGHTS, July 2, 2018, County Commissioner meeting

  • Although not on the agenda, Commissioner Suppes mentioned having gone to a PILT meeting and told fellow commissioners that Delta County will be receiving $200,000 in additional funding this year. Suppes gave no further explanation for the increase.


  • Although not on the agenda, Administrator LeValley tells commissioners that the meeting agenda did not get “send to North Fork Annex staff” and, therefore, was not posted. She explained that the posting was “noncompulsory.”


  • Colorado River District president Tom Alvey gave commissioners a dire report on the state of water in the area. “Paonia Reservoir will be lucky to run to the middle of August,” he said. Alvey told commissioners about two planning reservoirs in the Fort Collins area and mentioned the District’s work to keep the Front Range from taking water from the Western Slope. He also told commissioners that the District in entering into Phase III of their risk study. The study will look at the effects of a call on the river and examines solutions including water banking and protection.