OPINION: Good ol’ boys club is alive and well

By Brenda Perkins
Published: Published June 27, 2018
Dear Editor:
We have all heard of the good ol’ boys club and shrugged it off, but you don’t understand how it impacts people’s lives until you are a victim of it.
In November of 2017, I noticed the county putting up new road signs. I looked when I was walking my dogs and they said Pheasant Rich Road instead of Last Chance Road. I went to the county GIS office to see what was going on and was told that Rick Nelson, owner of Black Canyon Wing and Clay, had changed the road name quite a while ago and it was a done deal. I asked why no one was notified of anything. They didn’t know and sent me to Robbie LeValley, the county administrator. LeValley said the matter would be thoroughly investigated. We heard back from LeValley and were told that after the thorough investigation, it was good to go.
Several property owners attended constituent time at a county commissioners’ meeting in April to try to get some answers. We asked why we were not notified of anything and why we were not allowed to object or have any say in a matter that greatly impacts us. We were told the commissioners felt the road needed a new name when it was straightened, so they gave it one. It was their idea and doing. We were told the road had been renamed a long time ago. We were treated like third-class citizens that just needed to shut up and go away.