HIGHLIGHTS, June 11, 2018, County Commissioner Meeting


  • Commissioners ratified a letter to US Forest Service Grand Mesa, concerning approval of the Uncompahgre Forest Plan Revision. “It is a plan and not a rule,” says Roeber.
  • Commissioners approved an administrative grant of $2,500 to Chris Caskey and Delta Brick & Climate Company for a “pre-feasibility” study to make bricks from Paonia Reservoir silt deposits. This grant is a cash match of $5,000 from the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) with Gunnison County also providing $2,500. Listen to an interview with Caskey.
  • Two days after the comment deadline, Commissioners approved a letter to the Bureau of Land Management encouraging the North Fork Mancos Development Plan. Read a fact sheet on the plan.
  • Commissioners approved a letter of support sponsored by Congressman Scott Tipton calling for an expansion of Montrose Regional Airport. The request was made by Montrose County Commissioners. The letter supports using federal funds to improve the airport.
  • Bruce Josh, manager of the Surface Creek Animal Shelter, invited commissioners to attend the organization’s grand opening and ribbon cutting for their new shelter building. The event is in Cedaredge, 265 NE High County Ave., Saturday, June 23. The event will open with a dog walk at 9:30 am and the ribbon cutting will be at 11am. Get more information.
  • Commissioners extended the “Two Lot Subdivision Exemption Waiver” after the Delta Planning Commissioner advised eliminating the waiver and returning to the county’s standard regulations. Commissioners disagreed with the Planning Commission’s feeling that more subdivisions would be in the county’s future where density regulations might be important. “What we’re seeing are “family splits”…the kids of owners need to be able to split off in order to build a home,” said Commissioner Suppes. Commissioner Roeber agreed, saying, “In order to get a loan to build a house, families needed to split off land and put it into the name of the kid.” Commissioner Atchley reminded fellow commissioners that there is a variance option already in place. Commissioners elected to keep the waiver in place for an additional year believing the county’s new land use regulations, currently under development, would supersede current regulations.
  • Despite complaints from residents living on Last Chance Road and acknowledgement from commissioners about poor implementation by the county, commissioners opted to uphold a name change resolution that renamed Last Chance Road to Pheasant Rich Road. Resident comments included complaints about unfair treatment since the road name change accommodated one person; the complete lack of resident notification; and the confusion caused by missing address data.