HIGHLIGHTS, June 25, 2018, County Commissioner Meeting

  • Peter Blair presented the 2017 County Audit to commissioners (copy unavailable from the county at this time). “The economy is doing pretty good in Delta County,” said Blair as he opened his presentation. The notables include a big increase in sales tax revenue of 8% and specific ownership tax (vehicles, etc.) increased 18% from 2016 to 2017. “Overall, the county is in very good shape,” Blair said. The 31.5 million dollar budget required very few adjustments and ended with an 18 million dollar fund balance (aka, reserves). “You can’t use this for just anything,” Blair said in reference to fund balances that are restricted to specific purposes including emergencies, contingencies, Tabor holdings, etc., but conceded that the county also has four million dollars in unallocated funds.

Look for Citizen Report’s indepth report when the audit becomes available.

  • Representing Citizens for a Healthy Community, Andrew Forkes-Gudmundson, asked commissioners to withdraw their comment letter to the Bureau of Land Management concerning the North Fork Mancos Development Plan because the letter was done without public input during an open meeting. Forkes-Gudmundson wrote in a letter he presented to commissioners, “According to Colorado Open Meetings Law “no resolution, rule, regulation, ordinance, or formal action of a state or local public body shall be valid unless taken or made at a meeting that meets the requirements of (open meetings).” Open meetings are required “where adoption of any proposed policy, position, resolution, rule, regulation, or formal actions might occur.” Forkes-Gudmundson also notified commissioners that Citizens for a Healthy Community has sent a letter to BLM asking that they withdraw the commissioner’s comments and consider them invalid since they did not follow lawful transparency procedures.


  • Commissioners agreed to contribute a letter supporting the development of Western Slope Philanthropy Days and the possibility of hosting an event in Delta County. Elaine Brett spoke with commissioners and explained the community benefits that could result from bringing funders to the area to talk one-on-one with Delta County’s nonprofit organizations.
  • Commissioners adopt North Fork Ambulance District service plan