Special to the Montrose Mirror
MONTROSE- The Montrose Board of County Commissioners are proud to officially release the latest in transparency software — Montrose County Citizen Transparency. In cooperation with Tyler Technologies, Citizen Transparency is a module that provides unparalleled financial transparency for county residents. The interactive module features data on expenditures, revenues, ven-dors, and more. Community members may use the interactive site to search details of spending by category, department, fund, and vendor.
“In the past, our traditional budget process usually only draws a few community members to public meetings,” said Chairman of the Board Keith Caddy. “This module allows the public 24/7 access to county financial information with just a few clicks and will highlight the work of our team to spend taxpayer dollars wisely.”
Through Citizen Transparency, community members have access to both current and previous fiscal years and covers every level of finances from year totals to individual vendor payments. The data provided is considered public information and would be pro-duced if requested under the Colorado Open Records Act. Protected financial information or other personal information protected by law or regulations–such as personal identifying information–is not provided. In the bottom of the main page of the module, it lists a date of the data input–which ensures the most accurate and up-to-date data is available. Not only will the module serve to help the public, but it will also be used internally as well for employees not-well versed in the financial software.
To view the Citizen Transparency module, please access: