HIGHLIGHTS, Nov. 6, 2017, County Commissioner meeting

• In response to House Bill 1220, Delta County Commissioners are drafting a county ordinance that would clarify local laws concerning the cultivation of marijuana for personal use — recreational or medical — within unincorporated Delta County.
The state’s bill is designed to cap the number of plants allowed by marijuana growers in a effort to prevent diversion to illegal markets. Commissioners hope that their ordinance will help local growers and law enforcement understand, in much less unambiguous terms, just what will be permitted in Delta County.
Still in draft form, Commissioners will limit personal growers to no more than 12 plants for both recreational and medical use. The growing location must be on land where a permanent residence is present. Further restrictions require the growing area to be enclosed on all sides – including a roof – and behind lockable doors.
The county currently has an ordinance prohibiting the operation of marijuana cultivation facilities which includes the cultivation, preparation and packaging of marijuana intended for sale to retail stores or other product manufacturing or cultivation and testing facilities. The ordinance also prohibits retail stores within unincorporated Delta County.
Later this month, Paonia town officials plan to meet to discuss a similar ordinance for growers within town limits. READ MORE about the House Bill 1220.
• Commissioners appointed Robert Wayne Peck of Cedaredge to the Delta County Planning Commission. Administrator Robbie LeValley later told Citizen Report that Perk had withdrawn his application citing health issues. Commissioners will meet again to reappoint a Surface Creek representative to the PC.
• Commissioners ratified a letter of support to Colorado Parks and Wildlife for a proposed land exchange with Mika AG Corporation. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is interested in land owned by Mika AG that contains important fish habitat. The proposal calls for an exchange trading ownership of an historical site in Escalante Canyon where Captain Smith’s cabin sits to Mika AG. Commissioner Atchely said that he had spoken to owners at Mika AG who promised to keep the cabin accessible to the public. LEARN MORE about Captain Smith’s property (pictured).