HIGHLIGHTS, Oct. 2, 2017, County Commissioner Meeting

• Commissioners reviewed an initial draft of the 2018 county General Funds budget. They did not review Road and Bridge, Health and Human Services, and the Other Funds budgets. Initial estimates for the General Fund predict $11,500,439 in expenses (5.6% increase from 2017) and $10,498,668 in income including property tax (6.4% decrease from 2017). NOTE: The County’s entire budget — General Fund, Road and Bridge Fund, Health and Human Services Fund, and the Miscellaneous Fund — has added up to around thirty million, plus, dollars in recent years.

• Commissioners told concerned residents of Horizon Senior Center that a neighbor’s large slash-pile burning are “agricultural burns” and, therefore, outside their control to regulate. At an earlier meeting, neighbors and residents of the Panola facility expressed concern about smoke inhalation problems they had been experiencing due to large and numerous slash burning by a nearby property owner.

• Commissioners passed a resolution lowering the speed limit on Escalante Canyon Road to 20 miles per hour in most places.