“Secret list” controversy continues

Citizen Report has learned that several people, and at least one important organization, who had been included on the Master Plan one-on-one interview list were, in fact, never interviewed by the county’s consultant, RPI.

The county reported today that the interview process is now closed and that RPI is compiling a summary of comments. Citizen Report spoke with several people who were on the list. None had been contacted by RPI, nor had they been contacted by the county and informed that they would not be interviewed.

During visioning meetings held by RPI in May, several area residents complained about, what many called, a “secret list” because the county refused to release the names of participants until the process was complete. Even more questions where raised about how, and by whom, the list was created, citing the need to ensure a diverse and knowledgeable mix of residents, as well as transparency into the process.

According the County Administrator, Robbie LeValley, “The list of interviewees was developed with suggested names from the Planning Commission, staff, and by reaching out to different organizations for suggestions. The goal was to develop a list that represented a cross-section of the county, and was balanced geographically.”

If you, or anyone you know, expected to participate in this part of the Master Plan process, please contact joannlkalenak@gmail.com

Pictured: Crawford residents at Master plan visioning meeting.